Previous analysis of what is termed ‚Celiac searches / mth‘

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„Dozens of sex workers marched through the streets of downtown Washington yesterday, demanding better treatment from law enforcement officials of prostitutes who become crime victims,“ WaPo’s Theola Labb DeBose reports. „[T]he rally crowd marched from Franklin Square at 14th and I streets NW to the Justice Department in the 900 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Along the way, the marchers encountered some bemused looks at signs reading, ‚Be Nice to Sex Workers.'“.

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It was sort of you stood with them, but maybe the owner wasn’t really a part of it. You knew he was the owner, but he wasn’t like Jerry Buss or Mark Cuban, where you saw him actively involved with the team. So I think it was easy just to sort of push back and everyone takes the approach well, you know, we all work with someone that may not share our same views, but it’s not really about them..

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